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My Life

It's A Beautiful Game

Ken Hidaka
23 December
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Hi! I'm Ken, 19, and I work in a flower shop in Japan. I have a night job too, but I'm not allowed to talk about that right now.

I absolutely adore soccer, and used to be a goalkeeper in the J-League until my once friend Kase made it look as if I was fixing matches, set me on fire and left me for dead. As you can see, I'm not dead (thank goodness for that), and no, I was not having a relationship with him! Why does everyone think that?!

My best friend is Omi, who works in the shop with me. We make pretty good florists, and we also make a mean pasta bake! I also work with Aya (sadly unattainable *sigh*), and Yohji, who I think wants a piece of my ass. I'm becoming scared of him.

If you want to know more about me, read my journal! Contrary to popular opinion, I'm not a dumb jock and can actually write. And in complete sentences! (Although that one wasn't)

This is a spoof Weiss Kreuz roleplay journal for the weiss_squad RP, maintained by vanillafire. If I really were Ken, my life would be so much cooler, but so much more messed up, as well, so I suppose it's good that I'm actually me and not Ken, because it would be kinda freaky if I ogled myself all the time...
athletics, avoiding yohji's advances, aya, aya's intriguing earring, being sexy, biking, bugnucks, food, football, j-league, motorbikes, omi, omi's eyes, omi's hair, omi's little sneakers, siberian cats, soccer